Confirmed Participants

Drew Ianni
Paul Woolmington
Dean Evans
Jim Lanzone
Gayle Troberman
Faisal Masud
Karna Crawford
Rob Norman
Pete Blackshaw
Kristien Turner
Geoff Ramsey
Aki Spicer
Scott Hudler
Shiv Singh
Rebecca Howard
Nigel Vaz
Dan Rossomondo
Phil Easter
Jennifer Cooper
Rob Hayes
Steven Rosenblatt
Domenic Venuto
Marla Skiko
Nigel Fenwick
Michael Chrisment
Zubair Murtaza
Rob Weisbord
Calvin Carter
Jeff Schultz
Jeremy Lockhorn
Miles Perkins
Mark Silva
Myles Brundage
Chick Foxgrover


We are thrilled to once again, partner with The Consumer Technology Association to host our second annual CDX Brand Innovation Summit at CES 2017 in Las Vegas as part of C-Space on Wednesday, January 4, 2017 from 1:30AM -4:30pm and Thursday, January 5 from 9:30AM - 12:30PM from at ARIA. This year's theme is "Mastering Brand Innovation: So Many Platforms, So Little Time" and includes a full day of engaging presentations and roundtable discussions that will explore how current and emerging digital technologies and platforms, including the Internet of Things, are impacting advertising, consumer engagement, and content distribution and monetization.


The theme for the 2nd Annual CDX Brand Innovation Summit at CES event is MASTERING BRAND INNOVATION - SO MANY PLATFORMS, SO LITTLE TIME. Remember those easy-breezy days of "three screens"?  From televisions to mobile devices to billboards to wearables (and more), marketers are facing an increasingly complex landscape of accelerating digital device and screen proliferation which is piling-on the established trend of media fragmentation.  As if this wasn't enough, some screens are also increasingly vulnerable thanks to a looming generation of cord-cutters and cord-nevers while, despite the aforementioned fragmentation, we also see the personal and consumer lives of an entire emerging generations increasingly revolve around a single screen. It's enough to make your head spin - and then spin back around. Join us for a full-day of discussion and debate featuring leading marketers, media and platform executives, agencies, disruptive start-ups and more as we dive-in to the challenges and opportunities related to engaging the connected consumer.    


The 2nd Annual CDX Brand Innovation Summit at CES will take place from 1:30PM-4:30PM on Wednesday, January 4, 2017 and from 9:30AM - 12:30PM on Thursday, January 5 at ARIA during CES 2017. The CDX conference program will include a mix of featured presentations, fireside chats, and small executive roundtables from leading brands, agencies, media and platform companies, and disruptive start-ups and is designed to engage and educate and provide insights and actionable advice.  The agenda will be balanced and include sessions focusing on timely, relevant industry trends and issues along with sessions that are designed to stimulate thinking, demand consideration of alternative viewpoints, and help our delegates foster creativity and innovation.


The second annual CDX Brand Innovation Summit at CES will be held at the beautiful ARIA which is located within City Center adjacent to the heart of The Strip in Las Vegas. The Aria is a bold, modern resort serving as one of the centerpieces of the City Center complex featuring first-class conference facilities including a stunning conference center atrium.



For our 2nd Annual CDX Brand Innovation Summit at CES, we are looking for compelling, engaging speakers from across the digital marketing, media, and commerce ecosystems as well as those who bring interesting, outside perspectives from academia, the public and non-profit sectors, and leading trade and industry associations. We have a zero-tolerance policy for sales pitches and are looking to foster engaging, strategic, prescriptive, and educational discussions and learnings that focus on key external marketplace trends and issues as well as discussions that focus on key internal management issues including business-model analysis, talent management, corporate structure, change management, fostering innovation and creativity, and leadership. Click here to submit your paper.


We offer a limited number of high-profile, strategic partnership opportunities for the second annual CDX Brand Innovation Summit at CES. Each of the supporting sponsorship available guarantees branded recognition as a sponsor and thought leadership at The Summit.

You may review our sponsorship prospectus HERE or contact Jeff Valentine at