Zubair Murtaza

Zubair Murtaza » Vice President, eCommerce Product Management & Customer Experience, Staples, Inc.

Zubair Murtaza is Vice President of eCommerce Product Management & Customer Experience for Staples. He is obsessed with transforming eCommerce toward a services experience. He wants Staples to be the “Assistant” to the Office Manager, offering services from auto replenishment of supplies, to procuring anything needed, to installing coffee makers and furniture, to services from office cleaning to facilities repair.  Zubair came to Staples from Microsoft, where he developed and grew six technology businesses, including transforming Microsoft SMB from transactional to subscription solutions, Microsoft Learning from physical products to services, and Microsoft servers toward the Azure business model. Zubair was previously a Software Engineer, and holds two Engineering Master’s Degrees and an MBA from the University of Chicago.