Kamla Reddy

Kamla Reddy » Director of Marketing, TangoCode

As the Director of Marketing at TangoCode, Kamla executes an Agile Marketing Strategy. The technology sector is always changing and to effectively reach, engage and educate clients on the innovative services TangoCode offers an Agile approach allows for constant evaluation, adjustment and execution.

TangoCode works with companies to build solutions that are tailored to their needs using the technologies that best fit their business. To successfully do this the team must constantly be identifying and researching new trends. It is Kamla’s specialty to then identify target markets that can benefit from these new trends and create the strategy and content to reach these markets and educate them on the opportunities that exist.

An area that TangoCode is active in within IOT is the iBeacon/proximity messaging and geofencing space in addition to providing the data visualization to utilize the data collected. Their newest IOT project comes from their recent selection by Apple to receive a Developers Kit for the New Apple TV. From a marketing perspective Kamla is a firm believer that in order for there to be successful consumer and industry adoption of the IOT, educational content is key.