Chris Kneeland » CEO/Partner, CULT COLLECTIVE LTD

A graduate of Brigham Young University, Chris spent over a decade helping market some of North America’s most famous names, such as John Deere and the Home Depot. He did this both from within their marketing departments, as a client, and also at several famous retail agencies in the US, as an adman. It gave him a wealth of experience chiefly in traditional advertising and loyalty programs, knowledge which he later figured out was largely irrelevant in solving the real problem facing most companies in this decade. It was this realization that lead him to co-found and lead Cult, one of the first marketing services firms myopically dedicated and devoted to helping brands achieve irrational customer loyalty and enjoy cult-like status. It is this worldview and the subsequent founding of a leading North American brand intelligence event, The Gathering, that positions Chris at the forefront of brand thought leadership today.