Ryan Gill » President/Partner, CULT COLLECTIVE LTD

The first 12 years of Ryan’s professional life we were spent leading, or heavily involved with, planning and executing web, mobile, social media and integrated campaigns and projects for blue chip clients around North America. That all changed two years ago with the co-founding of Cult, an engagement agency with no pretentions relative to any single deliverable expertise. The lovechild of a highly respected traditional ad agency, Watermark, and his own digital agency, Suitcase, Cult wasn’t rooted in traditional advertising, digital marketing or social media. It was be obsessed with, and devoted to, giving brands a cult-like following. This required a new level of customer engagement, one that required new marketing Holy Grails like customer enlightenment, true engagement strategies, and the ability to execute on the results with jarring and impactful work. Apparently it was an idea whose time had come since, in just those 24 months of operation, engagements with clients such as Harley-Davidson, Michael’s Arts & Crafts, and Big Rock Brewery are all ongoing.