Ian Utile

Ian Utile » Founding Partner, 100XR

Inspired vision and strategic risk lead to uncommon success. One of the companies that Ian co-founded (Kukui Corp) is a great example of this because their revenue has grown every quarter for the last six years, while we maintaining profitability, in order to thrive without investors. The Inc. 500 list recently ranked Kukui as the #1 fastest growing private company in San Jose (#76 in the US). Last year, Ian launched a “jumpstart platform” public equity fund with a few dozen investors. 100XR has a diversified portfolio including renewable energy, atmospheric water generation, incubator/accelerator centers, and new technologies in online and lifestyle markets. Most of these operations are housed in 100XR’s portfolio of real estate across the US. Ian’s ancestors have raised their families in the San Francisco Bay Area since his forefather (Lieutenant Moraga) founded San Jose in 1777. This heritage keeps Ian focused on creating a legacy. His favorite quote is from Abraham Lincoln, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”